Type of Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags are a variation of shoulder bags that are worn so that the strap crosses the body from the shoulder to the opposite side of the waist. While most shoulder bags can be worn in this way, cross body bags come with the single strap attached at opposite sides of the bag to make it easy to wear in this manner.

One of the main features of a cross body bag is its inherent safety from snatching. When you wear it across your shoulder, it is quite difficult for it to be snatched away in a crowd as it stays fastened to your body. This mechanism is absent in a regular shoulder bag which can be pulled away by tugging at it. It is for this reason that a lot of cross body bags come with higher grade material for the strap such as heavy canvas or thick leather to make sure they don’t snap under pressure.

Cross body bags come in a variety of materials. The simplest ones are either synthetic or made of canvas and are no different from regular shoulder bags. However, the higher end bags that are made of finely crafted leather, featured by a variety of designers across the globe seem to be the rage now. With a size that is slightly smaller than a shoulder bag but bigger than a party handbag, they combine the ultimate safety, design but at the same time can carry all your essentials. These cross body bags are aimed at the outgoing woman who faces a variety of situations on a daily basis. Unisex cross body bags are available too but the trend has not caught on with men who seem to prefer shoulder bags. However, cross body bags for men are a great accessory with cargos or simple denim.

As with any accessory, there are several pointers to keep in mind while picking out cross body bags. Firstly, make sure that it goes with the type of clothes you commonly wear. If you wear denim, avoid leather or synthetic bags. Moreover, ensure that the material is something you are comfortable with. While synthetic bags are waterproof, they are not very comfortable to wear as the texture can be annoying.

Cross body bags are a great addition to your wardrobe if you want to add a bit of color and fun to it!