Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are easily distinguished from others by the presence of only one sling. As opposed to backpacks and totes which typically have two slings, shoulder bags are meant to be worn only on one side. The sling is rather long and usually the bag reaches down to the waist. Among all the variety of bags today, shoulder bags are usually voted the most comfortable thanks to the simple design yet extensive functionality. You can carry as much or as little weight and it still wouldn’t be a problem just wearing it and walking around!

These bags are made in a variety of materials. There are canvas bags, which are the most common ones among college students and those looking to just carry a few things along when outside the house. For a more professional feel, there is leather and finally, there are the nylon and synthetic bags which are low on the aesthetics but make up for it with durability.

Shoulder bags come in a myriad of sizes. There are those that can accommodate just a wallet, a cellphone and keys and those that can carry books and so much more. Depending on what you might use the bag for, pick the right one for you.

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