Types of Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are the ideal accessory for the contemporary woman. They go with almost any type of clothing, from jeans to a skirt and the best part is that they combine style and functionality. Typically rectangular and hanging with one sling, they are worn near the waist and are mainly carried around to hold daily accessories. As opposed to other handbags and tote bags that focus more on intricate designs with carefully crafted materials, shoulder bags tend to be more rugged with an eye-catchy but simple pattern or design. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. While the smaller ones are not much different from regular handbags, the large shoulder bags are the rage for the active woman.

Large shoulder bags are most commonly made of canvas for its durability. They can be finished either to a rough texture for the adventurous feel or to a more conservative design. In addition to canvas, some of the newer shoulder bags come in synthetics of various types. While these lack aesthetic appeal, they make up for it with added functionality like water proofing.

Shoulder bags are a common accessory among young women and with the launch of unisex bags, even men seem to be appreciating them. College students are seen carrying around typical shoulder bags worn on one side to hold their books and laptops. They are a good transition between the backpacks of high school and the leather carriers of the professional world. Though there are shoulder bags that are made of leather, they are mainly in the medium size, meant for working professionals and executives.

Given the variety of choice in material and design in shoulder bags, it is rather difficult to pick just one. While this might seem like a rather unconventional solution, it is the best here; pick more than one! Yes, that’s right! An accessory like this defines you and your day. With a selection of them at home, you can pick the one you feel best for the day and feel good about yourself instead of succumbing to the monotony of the same bag every single day. Try a variety of designs, textures and materials but keep in mind the place and weather you will be using it in. For heavy rain areas, best go for synthetic ones as they will serve you best.